Activity. Together.
That's the Alpen Life.

Your Activities: With Alpen's activity planner, you can create events, complete with location, routes, goals, and waypoints. Then invite your friends along without the back and forth communication that we know too well! And if your friends can't make it, they are welcome to participate virtually and share their experience with the rest of the group.

Your Goals: Set em' up and knock em' down! Keep track of your fitness goals and micro-goals. Collect achievements as you crush your objectives and engage in competition with your friends.

Your Connections: There is always an event to participate in, even if it's virtual. Create connections with other athletes and expose yourself to new sports with new groups of amazing, driven people. We're all in this together, because we're stronger together.

We Are Alpen: Our small, but scrappy team has over 20 years experience in the alpine skiing industry and it's where we discovered our passion for goal-driven outdoor activity. Located in Sandpoint, Idaho and Madison, WI, we have the best of two worlds. One isolated in the mountains with abundant skiing, mountain biking, cross-country, swimming, and kayaking, and one centered in a rich entrepreneurial ecosystem steep in road cycling, running, swimming and all the resources and connections we need to build a platform that will enhance our next adventure. This platform is Alpen, a social network to bridge the gap between these two worlds, so that we can embark on the wildest, most remote adventures, but stay connected and engaged with other driven athletes. Join us today!